REVIEW: The Lost Disc – 4 ½*

REVIEW: The Lost Disc – 4 ½*

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Written by Sarah Exton

The show follows Stu Morecambe (portrayed by John Lightbody) on his search for a lost record created by three musical geniuses, Roger LaFevre, Tony Noel and AP Williams; whose tales seem to have been forgotten throughout time.

Morecambe’s obsession gradually becomes all-consuming as he desperately tries to create any link between these three artists. His endeavours of proving to the world that he isn’t mad eventually affect both his professional and personal life, leaving the search for the lost disc his sole purpose.

Will Adamsdale takes on all three roles of LaFevre, Noel and Williams, delivering a hilarious performance as he brings each character to life. Accompanied by the equally talented Victoria Elliot, both are an absolute delight to watch.

This musical comedy play boasts both clever writing, and funny music that you’ll be randomly humming for the new few weeks. For those self-described music lovers out there, ‘The Lost Disc’ is a must-see. Even for those who aren’t as clued up on musicians like Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra or Johnny Cash, the performance from the cast and band is one that you will still enjoy.

Although the story’s resolution may be a hit or miss with some audience members; as a whole, this show is difficult to fault.

Catch the show at Soho Theatre, every day until the 27th at 9:30pm. Grab your tickets here:

And if you find yourself wanting more afterwards, they have an incredibly fun after party filled with mostly original music by the music legends themselves; including Noel’s renditions of Christmas classics.

On after the show on Friday’s and Saturday’s at 11:30pm. Grab your tickets here:

Get a taster of one of their original tracks and listen to LaFevre’s ‘Mice of Carnaby Street’ on SoundCloud:

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October 19th, 2018

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