REVIEW: Kai Samra: Underclass – 5*

REVIEW: Kai Samra: Underclass – 5*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Kai Samra was one of the few names that was constantly being circled throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, and now his debut hour ‘Underclass’ has been brought to Soho Theatre.

Going in with no expectations, I was wonderfully surprised. This hour, like a lot of debut’s, is an introduction to the comedian – Kai is sharing with the audience who he is, his family, where life has taken him so far and how all of that has resulted in him performing at Soho Theatre today.

Normally I would go into detail about what the show involves, but in this instance, I won’t. Kai has had such an interesting journey in life so far, that trying to surmise it in a review wouldn’t do his tale justice. So I will leave it to the expert to tell you his story.

What can be said, is that it’s not a politically heavy show, so no need to worry about any sort of propaganda wrapped in humour being thrown your way. It’s not a sad show, even though Kai has been through some tough situations, it all ends on a hopeful note; demonstrating how comedy can be a great mechanism for dealing with adversity.

There is a common theme throughout, of not being white enough, posh enough, or rich enough; tying all of his anecdotes together. However, this link isn’t a gimmick. It’s a genuine theme that’s not only part of the show, but appears to be part of Kai’s day-to-day. This real sense of authenticity, perfectly intertwined with humour, proves that Kai is a star in the making.

It will be interesting to see what kind of show Kai creates after this, but this is a definite must-see.

Catch Kai’s show at Soho Theatre at 9PM until the 26th October. Book your tickets here:

Radio Ha-Ha

October 25th, 2019

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