If the writer’s room from Sex And The City had their own podcast…. It would be nothing like this!
Tune in to the new raw and quirky podcast about relationships. The good stuff, the bad stuff… but mainly the stuff that drives us crazy! A frank chat, if you will.

Hosted by two hilarious women, Olivia Lee and Maria Shehata, who both have completely different perspectives on love due to them being at different stages in their lives.

In each episode they grill a guest on their love lives, find out what they’ve learnt about love, when love has driven them the craziest and see if they can help them with their love/dating problems. Do they learn anything? Probably not. But we have a laugh trying!

FRANK Episode 23 with Arielle Souma
FRANK Episode 22 with Nancy Sorrell
FRANK Episode 21 with Hal Cruttenden
FRANK Episode 20 with Kerry Howard
FRANK Episode 19 with Meera Syal
FRANK Episode 18 with Daniel Audritt
FRANK Episode 17 with Luke Kempner
FRANK Episode 16 with Steve N Allen
FRANK Episode 15 with Andi Osho
FRANK Episode 14 with Dane Baptiste
FRANK Episode 13 with George Groves
FRANK Episode 12 with Christopher Biggins
FRANK Episode 11 with Tom Price
FRANK Episode 10 with Heydon Prowse
FRANK Episode 9 with Jack Rooke
FRANK Episode 8 with Taylor Glenn
FRANK Episode 7 with Suzi Ruffell
FRANK Episode 6 with Keith Lemon
FRANK Episode 5 with Helen Monks
FRANK Episode 4 with Phil Wang
FRANK Episode 3 with Grace Woodward
FRANK Episode 2 with Grainne Maguire
FRANK Episode 1 with Jamali Maddix


Created & Presented by Olivia Lee & Maria Shehata

Produced by Amanda Redman & Sarah Exton

Graphic Designs by Jonny Woolley

Photography of Presenters by Adrian Tauss

Original Music by Gabriel Chernick