About Us

Founded in 2014, Radio Ha-Ha is the first and only radio station with 100% pure comedy content. Whether it is Stand-up, Music, Sketches, Shows, Plays, Monologues; if it’s funny and you can listen to it – we want you to enjoy it!

On the Radio Ha-Ha website you can either listen to the shows, acts and playlists we put together 24 hours a day.


Coming soon:

  • You will have the option of selecting material of your choice! Put your own playlists together and just listen to your favourite funny people!
  • We will be accepting input from any new comedians and established acts – some very clever people in America are helping us put together a place where you can have your own page to promote yourself. If the material is funny…….. we’ll play it.


Together we will become the “go to” place to listen to anything comedic.


We will also soon list all the comedy clubs and performances throughout the UK and provide links so that you are always able to go and watch your favourite comedian/comedienne live.


You don’t have to listen to us 24/7, but we’re here playing material that way – so you can pop in and out whenever you like!


We hope you enjoy yourselves.  Wherever you are!



“At Radio Ha-Ha you’re never more than 1 minute from comedy.”