REVIEW: Sam See: Coming Out Loud – 3½*

REVIEW: Sam See: Coming Out Loud – 3½*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 21st August 2019

Living in 2019 London, it can often be shocking when you hear stories from people raised in countries that are unashamedly homophobic, or where being openly gay is still illegal. However, there’s also a sense of intrigue and pride in hearing how they overcame these many barriers, and their unwavering perseverance in refusing to hide this aspect of their identity. For this reason, it is very difficult to review Sam See’s performance. Although I enjoyed it, I was left wondering if this was due to the fact that he is a skilled storyteller with a wealth of experiences, or because of the actual comedic elements in his performance.    

Sam originates from Singapore, which still bans homosexuality. A heavy topic on its own, Sam uses this to branch off into many other struggles that he has faced. This includes his personal experiences of oppression from the government, unintentionally making a racist comment, and that one time he made a comment on a panel show; which resulted in government involvement, a public apology, and the show’s second season being cancelled. 

Normally when a comedian focuses their set heavily on their sexual orientation, it can run the risk of coming across stifled. However, as seen from the range of topics, Sam presents his story in such a way, that multiple layers can be continuously uncovered. It is a wonderful insight to Sam as a person, and definitely an informative hour. As a TED Talk, this works brilliantly. As a comedy show on the other hand, I’m not entirely convinced. Many of the set ups were a bit shaky, which ultimately meant that it was 50/50 on whether the punchlines would land. The similarities in his stories also meant that many of the jokes had similar pay offs, which become slightly repetitive across the hour.

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August 29th, 2019

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