REVIEW: Nathan Roberts: Glowed Up – 3½*

REVIEW: Nathan Roberts: Glowed Up – 3½*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 2nd August 2019

This debut hour is a very casual introduction to self-described “film snob” Nathan Roberts. I think we can all agree that film and television have an influence in our day-to-day thinking, whether a film nerd, or just the occasional cinematic dabbler. Media is notorious for having a contribution to how we try to define ourselves, and it’s this idea that Nathan explores throughout the hour; sharing how film and TV has shaped who he is today, and highlighting how the warped Hollywood notion of “The One” affected his idea of relationships.

Coming from a creative background myself, I had a particularly wonderful time watching Nathan on stage. He has an endearing energy, and his talent in scriptwriting is evident through the well structured narrative. This entertaining show is filled with a lot of relatable stories; maybe not explicitly, but definitely thematically. For example, the ridiculous things we do for love, especially when we’re young. I only wished that Nathan didn’t rush the script exert of the performance. Even though he read the dialogue and most of the description, it felt very brushed over; when in fact it adds an interesting element to the story he’s telling.

Overall I think this is a good debut, and anyone who has ever been in love with their best friend, not knowing if they will love them back – watch ‘Glowed Up’. It’s honest, light, funny and highly relatable.

Catch Nathan Robert’s debut hour at Just the Tonic at the Caves (Just of the Box), every day (except the 12th) at 12:40PM. Buy your tickets here:

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August 5th, 2019

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