REVIEW: Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos – 5*

REVIEW: Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos – 5*

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Written by Sarah Exton

From seeing him in ‘Black Books’ and watching his previous stand-up shows, I’ve always admired Dylan Moran for his ability of giving an incredibly polished performance in quite a dishevelled manner. Dylan delivers everything typically Moran in his show ‘Dr Cosmos’, leaving the crowd in fits of laughter. Filled with his signature style of bazaar yet surprising punchlines, Moran covers an immense number of topics ranging from politics to sexuality, love and family, youths of today to how life changes as you get older.

Opening the show commenting on how this is the “perfect time for comedy” due to the political status of the world, Moran provides a hilarious commentary on notorious political individuals like Theresa May and Donald Trump.

His consistent tone of self-defeating anger, regardless of the topic, is what makes Dylan so enjoyable to watch. If he didn’t cleverly go off on ridiculous tangents, you’d think he was seriously having an existential crisis – however within this show, Moran makes the world a lighter place, even if it’s only for an hour and a half.

Dr Cosmos is currently touring the UK until the 8th December 2018. To see if Dylan is performing near you, check his website for details:

Radio Ha-Ha

October 10th, 2018

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