REVIEW: Andy Kindler: The Ugly American Tour – 3 ½*

REVIEW: Andy Kindler: The Ugly American Tour – 3 ½*

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Written by Sarah Exton

This was Andy Kindler’s first UK show in 13 years and my very first time watching him perform. Holding no expectations, I went in with an open mind and blank notebook.

Coming on stage, Andy was quick to comment on the small turn-out for the night; making light of how “well” his tour was going in London.

The flow of the show as a whole, is only consistent in its inconsistency. Andy attributes this to his ADHD and how intrusive thoughts from his OCD affects his performance; starting jokes, forgetting his place, then moments later remembering the punchline. After the first few times, you get used to this format and personally, it didn’t affect my ability to enjoy the show as a whole.

As for the “jokes” themselves… Although Andy tells some jokes, his preference seems to lie in deconstructing them. The typical layout consisted of: Tell joke, complain about response (or lack thereof) from the audience, then explain the components that make it a good joke and why it deserves a better reaction. This was funny to those who actually got the joke, however this tactic didn’t seem to win anyone over who didn’t laugh the first time.

‘The Ugly American Tour’ is filled with self-deprecating comedy, Jewish jokes and jabs at other comedians, particularly Louis C.K and Ricky Gervais.

As someone who loves sarcasm and the occasional pun, I did enjoy Andy’s show. However I left the theatre feeling rather ambivalent. Even though it may not have been packed, there are still comedians who would’ve been able to leave the crowd in stitches. At most, Andy seemed to receive airy chuckles or reluctant groans that can only be described as the vocalisation of eye-rolling.  Post-show, I was left thinking about all the niche references that went over my head, and wondered how much this affected my experience.

I can understand why some people weren’t laughing, as I saw some teens that were probably a bit young for his material even though it’s rated for a 16+ audience.  Maybe the show just doesn’t translate well to a British audience due a lot of the American references mentioned throughout.

It may not have been an incredible show, however I still think it’s something that people who enjoy a variety of comedy should go and watch. Andy could either be a lovely surprise or a colossal disappointment.

Catch ‘The Ugly American Tour’ at The Soho Theatre, 9PM, until the 15th September. Grab your tickets here:

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September 12th, 2018

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