REVIEW: Viggo the Viking – 4*

REVIEW: Viggo the Viking – 4*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 11th August 2019

Where do I begin with a show like this?

Let’s just say, if the Vikings in real life were anything like Viggo, then there would’ve been less pillaging and more playfulness (well to a point).

Viggo is your perfectly good-natured clown who completely embodies all things silly, and the audience tonight loved him. Before beginning the narrative of the show, Viggo spends a lot of time playing with the audience; from sketching them, to encouraging them to whistle, to a Benny Hill-esque chase with the late arrivals. Viggo’s stage persona reminds you of an innocent child who just wants to play.

When the playing is over and the show “begins”, he splits himself into two characters; Father and Son, who portray opposite attributes. The Father embodies your traditional idea of a Viking Warrior: agressive, strong, and violent. Whilst the Son is anything but, and seems to be more aligned with Viggo’s natural state. This already has the traditional set up for a buddy adventure however, with Viggo playing both parts, whilst simultaneously getting audience members involved in the story, it is so unusually enjoyable.

‘Viggo the Viking’ is the core of what the Fringe encourages – performers who think outside of the box! The narrative was clear enough to follow. I mean, there were some members who probably got lost, but the confusion added to it’s hilarity. This isn’t supposed to be a serious piece of comedy, instead it’s the exact opposite. 

If you want one of the most playful, silly and wonderfully childish hours at the Fringe, then this is your show. Get involved and embrace this unconventional Viking tale being told.

Catch Viggo the Viking on at Underbelly, Cowgate (Iron Belly), every day at 8:20PM. Book your tickets here:

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August 20th, 2019

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