REVIEW: The Establishment: Le Bureau de Strange – 5*

REVIEW: The Establishment: Le Bureau de Strange – 5*

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Photo Credit: Mark Dawson

Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 1st August 2019

Most performers can easily become disheartened when only 5 audience members turn up; especially when you know 3 of those audience members are made up of critics. This wasn’t the case for these two silly sods!

I’ve recently developed a love for clowning and slapstick comedy, and since seeing The Establishment do 10 minute sets at nights in London, I was pretty excited to see how they would conduct themselves over an hour. What a wonderfully funny show! I have never laughed so much and so consistently for the full hour. Even in moments where the momentum seemed to lull, these two pro’s maintained a spirit of pure silliness; sustaining the joyful atmosphere. There was also an impromptu marriage proposal, which I was happy to oblige with. 

I think my absolute highlight has to be the closing to the show – how marvellous! I don’t want to spoil it for the reader, so you’re just going to have to check it out for yourself.

Their chemistry and love for performing is very clear to see; so much so, that I found myself having to refrain from jumping up and joining them. These English toffs are the masters of British silliness; reminiscent of British Comedy icons like Monty Python.

Considering the amount of standard stand-up comedians on at the Fringe, if you’re looking for something completely different, then ‘The Establishment’ is a must. It’s silly, it’s slapstick, and it’s so damn funny.

Expect audience interaction, and hop on board for an absolute hell of a time. I could happily re-watch this show a fair few times over the coming weeks, as it’s definitely a strong contender for my ‘Top Ten Fringe Favourites’ – and it’s only just started!

Catch The Establishment at Heroes @ The Hive (The Bunka), every day (except the 13th) at 8:40PM. Buy your tickets here:

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August 4th, 2019

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