REVIEW: Sid Singh: American Refugee – 4*

REVIEW: Sid Singh: American Refugee – 4*

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Image Credit: Adrian Tauss

Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 4th August 2019

Sid Singh has an unwavering confidence about him when he performs on stage; you can tell you’re in the presence of a seasoned professional. In the very beginning, Sid goes out of his way to make sure that every member of the audience is comfortable, acknowledging the tiny, hot venue that they’re about to endure his show in. From the get go, Sid pumps out nothing but high quality jokes throughout the hour, with the odd bit of dark humour scattered throughout.

Sid’s background is in law, and the show revolves around his experiences as an immigration lawyer. Sid’s poignant approach to polarising topics such as politics in America and attitudes towards refugees, means that everyone is still able to good chuckle regardless. His coolness on stage is remnant of that of Dave Chappelle, whilst his level-headed demeanour is likened to late-night talk show hosts like Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert. How is this guy not bigger than he currently is?

It’s just a shame that a show like this is being performed in this space. The noise bled from other parts of the venue, and Sid kindly paused the show to make sure that the heat wasn’t becoming too much for individuals. However, stopping the momentum rather abruptly meant that he had to then build the atmosphere back up; a difficult task for any comic! Yet, Sid, like the pro he is, effortlessly had the room laughing again. It’s not surprising that his show is getting packed out.

Go check out Sid at the Laughing Horse @ The Counting House (The Attic), every day (until the 25th) at 4:30PM. His show is part of the FREE Fringe so you don’t need to book a ticket. But get there early, considering the small venue, it’s bound to get full quickly. Click here for more information on his show:

Radio Ha-Ha

August 21st, 2019

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