REVIEW: Séayoncé: Déjà Voodoo – 2½*

REVIEW: Séayoncé: Déjà Voodoo – 2½*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 3rd August 2019

After wowing the world with her debut hour last year, fans were left eager to see what kind of show Séayonce would conjure for this year’s Fringe performance.

Séayonce still has all the characteristics that we love and adore; using the same sultry posh voice to say the dirtiest and most crude jokes, and reminding the world that she’s the baddest bitch in the ghost whispering industry. 

In this hour we learn more about Seayonce and who her one true love is; the premise being very similar to last year’s show, except instead of Rasputin, it’s England’s national poet William Shakespeare. This year’s show consisted of just one other character, Big D, who’s general persona reminds you of when Séayonce summoned Jack the Ripper in last year’s performance.

Even though a majority of the audience were all having a great time, their shocked reactions indicated that this was their first time watching the potty-mouthed medium; which is great! As long as Séayonce keeps that third eye open, she’s always going to attract a crowd.

However, if you watched Séayonce last year, then maybe you might experience more Déjà Vu than Déjà Voodoo; as the jokes that got the most laughs were either punchlines from her previous show or Séayonce ad-libbing with the audience. Her quick wit is non-other, however the story that we’re supposed to be investing in, is messy. Elements of the show felt pulled together last minute and ill-prepared, which would explain the resurrection of punchlines.

This show has the potential to be great, and I would still encourage people to go watch Séayonce. However, maybe later in the month, when she’s had time to polish her crystal balls properly.

Catch Séayonce at Assembly George Square (The Blue Room), every day except the 12th), at 10:20PM. Grab tickets here:

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August 8th, 2019

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