REVIEW: Mr. Thing is the Most Wonderful Thing – 5*

REVIEW: Mr. Thing is the Most Wonderful Thing – 5*

Radio Ha-Ha! talks Ha-Ha!

Written by Sarah Exton

Having a talk show around the midnight hour and getting a decent size audience to attend is not an easy task. Most people are probably out on the lash, stumbling into their nearest kebab or trying to convince their Uber driver that they’d be completely fine in the car journey home.

However, as Edinburgh Fringe proves, word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools to help attract the right people to the right shows. And despite an 11:40PM start, Mr. Thing attracts the right people. This late-night talk show provides a refreshing take on your standard interview. Made up of ping-pong firing butts, a funny band, special guests, an in-house furry bartender and two incredible hosts; this chaotic comedy chat show will leave your cheeks sore.

Starting with a sweet and fun opening number, Mr. Thing is a constant joy to watch from beginning to end, leaving you in a feel-good mood even after it’s all over. The amount of work and heart that goes into creating Mr. Thing is evident; with new jingles or games being created every night, this exciting and fresh show is one to enjoy with your mates and family. Even the special guests are happily surprised by how bonkers Mr. Thing can get.

There wasn’t a single element within Mr. Thing that wasn’t enjoyable and a personal highlight of the show had to be the Bartending Puppet Steve. If you didn’t think puppets could get better, Steve serves his cocktails with sass – shaken not stirred; providing a light-hearted commentary periodically throughout the night. Even on the odd occasion when audience members try to be clever, instead of it jarring the performance, everyone on Mr. Thing are quick witted to ensure nothing is derailed and the jubilant atmosphere is maintained.

Guaranteed to lift your spirits, Mr. Thing is a definite must-see at Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

Catch it at the Pleasance Courtyard – Forth, every night at 11:40pm (except the 14th & 23rd). Grab your tickets here:

Radio Ha-Ha

August 6th, 2018

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