REVIEW: Micky P Kerr: Kerr in the Community – 3*

REVIEW: Micky P Kerr: Kerr in the Community – 3*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 20th August 2019

Since successfully making it into the final of Britain’s Got Talent last year, Micky P Kerr has made himself known for being the loveable primary school teacher from Leeds with a collection of hilarious songs. From seeing clips of his BGT performances on YouTube, I was really excited to finally see this comic live, and see how he would carry himself over an hour.

It is however, very unfortunate when a performer doesn’t meet expectations. The charming persona that was presented on the BGT Stage just didn’t seem to be present tonight, instead Micky P Kerr seemed a bit flat.

The crux of the show follows the breakdown of hits, and brings to light how lazy musicians have become; relying on their good vocals alone to create the next banger. As anticipated, the show was filled with quirky tunes, although more short bits than anything fully formed. This wouldn’t have been an issue, had it not been for the fact that the only songs that felt complete, were those that weren’t even sung live. Instead, they were just music videos that were played to the audience, whilst Micky went backstage. Even though these songs were funny in their own right, they sadly came across as a bit lazy and unimaginative.

The production value behind each video seemed purposefully tacky which did add in some comedic value. However, a song like “You Could’ve Had Me At The Barbeque” would’ve had the same, if not more, comedic impact had it been performed live. At least the other two music videos were created in a style that clearly poked fun at that genre of music.

What could’ve been an exciting hour of easy-going comedy music, instead lacked any energy; especially when compared to the high standard of musical comedy present at Fringe this year. This is another performer that I hope I only caught on an off-day, because it would be a shame to believe that a comedian with this talent would perform a show like this regularly.

Catch Micky on at Underbelly, Bristo Sq (The Dairy Room), every day (until the 26th) at 5:45PM. Book your tickets here:

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August 21st, 2019

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