REVIEW: Maria Shehata: Hero – 4½*

REVIEW: Maria Shehata: Hero – 4½*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 10th August 2019

Maria is an absolute Master when it comes to the Art of Comedy Storytelling. Her cool stage presence, her effortless banter with the audience, and her comedy timing is impeccable. 

Maria’s show ‘Hero’ is a follow up to her 2017 show ‘Wisdomless,’ where she spoke about her move to London for love. ‘Hero’ delves into how that relationship didn’t work out, her constant move from one houseshare to another, and her relationship with her parents; in particular her father and his persistent phone calls. 

From the opening, Maria won the crowd over when talking about overbearing parents; a situation many, if not all, of us have experienced. Throughout the show, she received phone calls from her dad, which were lovely little skits that provided a refreshing dynamic to her stand up set. Maria’s faultless construction of the narrative, resulted in a heartwarming climax to show. One which empathised the fact that she no longer sees phone calls with her dad as a hindrance, and is now a welcomed part of her day.

Having recently opened for Bill Burr in the Arena Birmingham, Maria is continuously propelling from strength to strength within her career. If you ever questioned why, (which I highly doubt) then this show is testimony to her undeniable talent!

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August 29th, 2019

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