REVIEW: Love Songs – 4*

REVIEW: Love Songs – 4*

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Written by Sarah Exton

‘Love Songs’ is an autobiographical one-woman show performed by Alissa Anne Jeun Yi. Throughout the hour, Alissa recounts her experience with romance over the years and how the influence of the media creates unrealistic expectations which ultimately affect her approach towards dating.

Alissa’s sometimes naïve but ultimately optimistic attitude regarding relationships results in a delightful hour of entertainment. Whether it’s feeling butterflies in your stomach or being on the receiving end of ghosting; the ups and downs make for an incredibly relatable story.

The flow of the show were at times inconsistent; however this may be due to the fact that this was the first and one-night only show at Soho Theatre for ‘Love Songs’. Alissa’s inviting and rather adorable personality makes it easy for the audience to forgive her when the occasional joke doesn’t necessarily land well.

Even though Alissa shares her trauma of sexual assault, highlighting that issues surrounding consent are still ongoing, the general tone of the play is light-hearted and ends on a hopeful note. Despite the seriousness of the climax, the show contains many funny moments and perfectly demonstrates how cathartic comedy can be for performers.

Considering the current climate, ‘Love Songs’ is an important piece of theatre that provides hope for anyone who may have had a similar experience.

Catch the show at the Camden People’s Theatre from January 22nd – 26th at 9pm. Grab your tickets here:


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January 11th, 2019

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