REVIEW: Lou Sanders: Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy – 4*

REVIEW: Lou Sanders: Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy – 4*

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Written by Ciara Kelleher

Review date: 10th August 2019

‘Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy’ is Lou Sander’s first Edinburgh show after being a contestant on the TV show ‘Taskmaster’ which aired earlier this year. She performed at the Monkey Barrel Comedy Venue to an intimate crowd. If you saw Lou on Taskmaster then you know exactly what you are getting; an endearing, humble, fast paced and witty performance. There was a steady stream of laughter throughout the performance and her comedy style seemed to appeal to all ages. Lou’s performance style is both silly and self-depreciating. The hour-long show went by too quickly for me, I could have sat there watching her happily for another hour and wondered where the time had gone.

Throughout the performance, Lou talks to us about her labia, how strange Instagram is, a poem she wrote about death and dating younger men, among other things. She does this reoccurring bit of “Lou Sanders, Female Comedian” where she shakes hands with someone in the audience.  Moments which involved audience interaction were absolute gold. 

She also jokes about her bodily needs. Specifically, her body needs a man with big hands. She manages to talk about sex while not being too crude or in your face. Then, suddenly she will talk about Malala Yousafzai who now lives in Oxford and contrasts how Malala empowers women lobbying for equality in education and how Instagram influencers post in a bikini and try to link it to a cause.

The show is not a strong, sharp sixty-minute performance. It could have been structured better, with a few moments that lacked conviction. If you see this show, you are going for the naturally funny Lou Sanders but not necessarily a strong narrative or topic.

Lou Sanders is the type of comedian who can make two hours seem like one; which is no easy feat. She was everything I would have expected, and I would love to see the show again and then maybe another time just for good measure. I would recommend this show for anyone that wants a quick, light heartened and entertaining hour.

Catch Lou Sanders at the Monkey Barrel Comedy 3 every day (except the 14th of August) at 15:15 

Alternatively, you can catch her at the Soho Theatre in London from the 28th Oct-9th Nov 

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August 13th, 2019

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