REVIEW: Josh Glanc: Glance You For Having Me – 4*

REVIEW: Josh Glanc: Glance You For Having Me – 4*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 7th August 2019

Coming onto the stage in his ‘Saturday Night Fever’ inspired suit, Josh Glanc opens the show with a song; showing off a surprisingly sensual singing voice.

This is a wonderfully fun hour, with a straightforward and easy to follow narrative. Clearly displaying some ‘Mum issues,’ shown through quite a disturbing papier mache effigy of her, the story as a whole is pretty simplistic. Therefore, adding some respite from a few of the more intense sets running this year.

The show as a whole may not be filled with consistent laughter, but the atmosphere is always electric. It’s hard not to smile while watching such a charismatic performer. Filled with audience interaction (beware the first two rows), lots of props and a couple of unexpected musical numbers; this is an immersive comedy experience.

Whether it’s a Jerry Can or the anticipation leading into Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car,’ Glanc cleverly intertwines comedy with familiar tunes; creating priceless moments, and roars of laughter. Definitely one of my favourite elements of ‘Glanc You for Having Me.’

Catch Josh’s show at Monkey Barrel Comedy (Monkey Barrel 2), every day at 5:20PM. Get your tickets here:

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August 15th, 2019

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