REVIEW: Jonny and the Baptists: Love Edinburgh and Hate Bastards – 5*

REVIEW: Jonny and the Baptists: Love Edinburgh and Hate Bastards – 5*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Review date: 7th August 2019

It’s impossible not to absolutely love Jonny & the Baptists. Even if on the off chance you don’t share the same views as this duo, their songs are still genius.

These two individuals are incredibly talented in their own right; and together, they really do create magic. This satirical musical duo are the strongest comedy musicians I’ve seen so far during the Edinburgh Fringe. There’s no real narrative to the show, instead just songs attached to short back stories. You find yourself almost envious of the chemistry between Jonny and Paddy, as the joy they have performing together is incredibly evident on stage. During the show, you just want to be a part of their little group, maybe even go for post-show pints with this naturally funny pair.

Trying to pick my favourite moment in the set is not possible; I enjoyed every single part. Whether it’s funny songs about Capitalism, grifting, and what Jonny would do if he were God; or the two beautifully contrasting solo ballads, where Jonny sings about his new born baby girl and Paddy sings about the tragedy of losing his Mother at a young age – everything about this show is sheer perfection.

These two are probably the most underrated performers at the Fringe this year, and to miss out on this dynamic duo would be a terrible mistake. An undeniable gem of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

Catch Jonny & the Baptists at the Assembly Roxy (Upstairs), every day (except the 19th) at 7PM. Book your tickets here:

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August 15th, 2019

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