Tom Stade: “I Swear”

Tom Stade: “I Swear”

On Saturday 9th September, Tom Stade performed his “I Swear” show at the Junction, Cambridge. Opening his gig with some awesome music, Stade immediately breaks the ice by acknowledging that he may “not get bigger than this”. Throughout the performance, Stade jokes about different moments in his career, commenting on the process of ageing, and how our values change over time. Tom hilariously criticises how relationship and dating have evolved with technology; pointing out some ridiculous attitudes held by Millennials.

The benefits of such an intimate venue meant that Stade could work the crowd effortlessly – creating a great rapport with the older audience members! Tom’s 30 year career is evident in his cool, rock star-like manner; ensuring that each delivery was met with roaring laughter from the audience.

It was great night and a show that Stade fans would definitely not be disappointed with!

Check out where he’s next playing here:


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September 21st, 2017

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