REVIEW: Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Victim, Complex – 5 *

REVIEW: Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Victim, Complex – 5 *

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Written by Sarah Exton

It’s never an easy task reviewing a show that is based on someone’s trauma. Especially when considering, that it takes a strong and skilful individual to go on stage and bare their soul in front of a crowd every night; whilst still maintaining the comedic element throughout.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean is one of the strongest and most skilful comedians I’ve had the pleasure of watching at the Fringe. Coming onto the stage in a yellow sequin dress that doesn’t fall short of fabulous, immediately sets the tone and establishes the type of person Kiri is at heart.

Sharing her story of being in a psychologically manipulating relationship leaves you speechless. Hearing abuse stories, whether physical and/or mental, can be difficult to sit through. However, this hour with Kiri was a comfortable, and dare I say, fun hour; despite the warm venue and heavy subject.

Kiri has the ability of displaying her raw emotions, whilst upholding a light atmosphere, and delivering surprising punchlines that never fail to make the audience laugh. Her sense of timing is impeccable and this balance helps bring awareness without audience members feeling like they’re hearing some sort of tragic X-Factor sob story. ‘Victim, Complex’ is not a show where Kiri wants the audience to feel pity for her. Instead, it’s a show where she just wants to be heard. Without a doubt, everyone in that room was listening.

Kiri appears genuine through and through. Whether she accepts it or not, she understands that there is a level of responsibility that comes with her performance, especially since we’re in the middle of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement. Kiri’s way of highlighting the importance of language and how labels can liberate us, not marginalise us, was incredibly eloquent. Her positive attitude of “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”, leaves you with a sense of empowerment. ‘Victim, Complex’ is a perfect example on how cathartic art can be.

It may be a heavy topic, but this is not a heavy show. You leave the theatre feeling uplifted and part of the Carbonator Community.

‘Victim, Complex’ is completely sold out at the Fringe. Extra dates have been added and fortunately there are still some tickets available for today (Thursday 16th ) only at the Pleasance Courtyard – Beside, at 4:45pm. So grab your tickets whilst you still can:

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August 16th, 2018

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