REVIEW: Ed Night: An Aesthetic – 5*

REVIEW: Ed Night: An Aesthetic – 5*

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Written by Sarah Exton

Trying to stand out during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a challenging task, potentially leaving comedians disheartened, dishevelled and drained. Unless you have a distinct voice, style and confidence to execute, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of performers. Not only do you need a strong way of presenting yourself, but the topics you’re presenting are just as important – with some of the most common themes including religion, class divide, racism, sexism and general blue comedy.

It really takes a lot for the amateurs to stand out from the talented; and Ed Night stands out from them all. His confidence and high level of intelligence are evident within his show ‘An Aesthetic’, making this talented comedian a definite rising star within the comedy world.

‘An Aesthetic’ is Ed’s second solo show at Edinburgh Fringe, and in comparison to last year’s performance, he has only gotten stronger. From the beginning Ed mentions how he was encouraged to make this show more personal, although he quickly follows this up by confessing how uncomfortable he is in talking about himself. It’s not exactly an in-depth exposé into Ed’s life, however he does talk about his Irish Catholic and lower middle-class background. Ed also provides a refreshing take on ‘Social Justice Warriors’ (also known as ‘Keyboard Warriors’) and how unknowingly hypocritical they can be in their cries of whatever the trending outrage may be.

The whole show is as it says on the tin: ‘An Aesthetic’. It shines a light on all the people who are all bark and no bite; all style and no substance, and all… well we’ll leave the last one to Ed.

Even when audience members have the urge to get involved, Ed’s quick-thinking and swift put downs are sufficient in silencing them immediately, with the support of the rest of the audience. And despite the intimate venue and how warm it can get, Ed never loses the audiences’ attention and provides a gripping yet hilarious performance.

Don’t miss out on an incredible piece of stand-up comedy.

Catch Ed Night at the Pleasance Courtyard – Bunker Two, every night at 9:15pm. Grab your tickets here:


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August 15th, 2018

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