Another Amazing Night at Seven Dials!

Another Amazing Night at Seven Dials!


Friday 21st April 2017 was the second night of Jimmy Furre’s Comedy Night; this time hosted in a bigger section of Seven Dials Comedy Club as the audience grows in size! The night was co-produced, recorded and broadcast by Radio Ha-Ha!

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Jimmy Furre MC’ing the show as well as performing

Jimmy MC’d the event introducing a whole new line-up of comedians; including a sketch trio – and the crowd were in hysterics, even more so than last time. Setting the tone of the night, Jimmy’s opening joke about Monster Porn was followed by consistently side-splitting acts.

Some of the highlights of the evening range from Sam Lake’s comparison of dating/crime in Cornwall and London, Saba Husain’s ‘Random’ frustration to Isa Bonachera philosophically questioning one’s significance within the Universe. The night also saw Kashif James (who MC’d the first night) get to the stage performing for the 2nd time in his career, giving insight to surreal night time scenarios in Bexleyheath. Closing the event on the same weird but wonderful tone was Jay Mailer, whose performance was filled with bizarre poetry, an odd pineapples and audience participation.

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Saba Husain

The show was first broadcast on at, Saturday 22nd April, 8pm (GMT)

Couldn’t make it to the show and missed the broadcast? Don’t worry – Jimmy Furre’s Comedy Night will be broadcast again online; it will also be available online soon for you to listen whenever you want!

Members of the Radio Ha-Ha! Team go to a variety of comedy events, scouting shows that have the potential to be promoted and broadcast online.

Jimmy Furre’s Comedy Night will return on Friday 26th May, and Radio Ha-Ha! will be present to record and later broadcast the show!


Below are a list of all the acts who performed (Don’t forget to check out their Social Media Pages):

  • Jimmy Furre – Twitter: @7dialsopenmic
  • Sam Lake – Twitter: @mrsamlake
  • Jake Farrell – Twitter: @jfarrellwords
  • Kae Alexander – Twitter: @kaealexander
  • Kashif James
  • Isa Bonachera – Twitter: @isabonachera
  • Maria Pullicino – Twitter: @mariapullici
  • Annabelle Sami – Twitter: @anabsami
  • Lauren West – Twitter: @_LaurenWest
  • Saba Husain – Twitter: @funsaba
  • Gary Sidcup
  • Jay Mailer

Radio Ha-Ha

April 28th, 2017

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